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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

And even more! #flowers

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And French marigolds #pretty #homegrown #flowers

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More lillies from our garden #greenthumb #lillies #beautifuk

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August birth stone - peridot

Peridot is the birth stone for August

The stone is a citrus or olive green and generally has good clarity.  Peridot is believed to have properties that assist the body both physically and mentally, helping to heal internal issues, relieve depression and reflect back negative properties away from the wearer.

As a caveat - I have no idea of the scientific background, I adore peridot because it is my birthstone and because I am a typical redheaded magpie, loving green in all forms.

I have recently bought in some peridot gemstone beads for a custom order, but will have a few left over.  If you are looking to buy a present for someone this August, contact me to discuss a custom piece for your friend or loved one, and I'll get something made, giftwrapped and sent out generally within a couple of days!

To contact me to discuss custom designs email me on or contact me via the Etsy shop

Exciting new products!

Whilst the sale continues to run on the Etsy shop RogueJewels I have put some plans in to place for the next items to be listed.

No new items will be listed until the sale ends; I hate nothing more than a 'new lines added' advert during a sale!  I am trying out some new things for the shop that will be listed next week including shambala bracelets.

I've also picked up some products to assist with colour and patina of products; more information will follow shortly and perhaps some how-to pictures.  I can't wait to start playing.

Picture taken by me with the help of instagram, check it out on

The weather has turned from a blistering heat wave to torrential rain, and I can't say I'm disappointed.  The heat was lovely but I adore summer rain.  I'm looking forward to deeper and richer colours including greens, coppers and browns.  I'm an autumn child at heart.

Look out for these new products coming soon.  In the meantime please do check out the sale at RogueJewels for 33% off everything in stock.  The more that sells, the more new items I can produce for you!

Please do share the shop and make sure to like the facebook page for regular updates.  If you know anyone who runs a blog or page that would like to feature some of my items please do put them in touch; I'm very grateful for everyone's help and support in this project and look forward to giving back some good karma.

With love,


Bandit, master of all he surveys #bunny #rabbit #adorable

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Bandit the killer bunny #rabbit #bunny #cuteordeadly

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Shoes glorious shoes! #sale #fashionbeautyfitness #wedges

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Roguejewels birthday sale

I'm currently counting down to my birthday. I'm not telling you how old I am, and I can tell you it is NOT given away by the size of the discount on the store.

It seemed a good time to run a sale: the summer holidays are here, it's nearly my birthday, and this week I am on a holiday between my previous job and new employment starting next Monday.

It's also time to set down the size of the shop. I love creating and adding new items, but at nearly 200 items, the shop was too large for me to organise, too many items to view and seemed too 'noisy'.  My intention in running the sale is to run down some of the lines, and free up some space in both the storage here and online.

So far 10 unique lines have sold out, and I am down to a single item for a number of the earring, necklace and bracelet lines.  Once these items have sold out I am not making them again or buying the components in again. It's time to move on to something new.

The sale is only for a limited period, so get your orders in as soon as possible, before that item you had your eye on sells out for good!

Featured item: love necklace. I adore this necklace and have kept one for myself. Available from #steampunk #shabby #chic #love #necklace #silver

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I'm gainfully unemployed for the next week, I have my favourite home cooked meal on my lap and my soul is soothed by this weather #soul #peace

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Happy birthday (nearly) to me!

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I love this seahorse design, much like these roguejewels

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The geek bible

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Our gorgeous fish. Watching these guys is better than therapy :-)

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Birthday sale 33% off Tree of life pendant in antique silver steampunk kitsch

New listing! 2.67 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Roguejewels sale update

So far the sale has been running for 17.5 hours and more than 7 individual lines of items have sold out.

I am making up the remaining spare jewellery I have, however the jewellery is first come first served and items are strictly limited.

Check out the listings at

Birthday sale 33% off Emerald City silver pendant featuring vintage watch parts, steampunk v2

New listing! 5.35 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Birthday sale 33% off Emerald city silver dangle drop earrings featuring vintage watch parts, steampunk

New listing! 3.34 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Birthday sale 33% off Antique silver tree of life earrings steampunk kitsch

New listing! 1.33 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Birthday sale 33% off Elegant vintage key earrings

New listing! 0.66 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

It's here! RogueJewels sale!

The roguejewels birthday sale is now live!!

One third off absolutely everything in the shop for a limited time only. Once it's gone it's gone...

Check the sale out, get your orders in quick and please share with anyone you like!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Announcement: roguejewels' first SALE!

I am very pleased to announce the first RogueJewels sale will commence on the 26th July!

The sale will run across all lines on the shop however items are strictly limited:once they're gone they're gone!

The best news is the sale is for 33% off every item-including all custom design items!

Please do share this with anyone you think will be interested. I anticipate this will be the only sale this year, so take advantage while you can!! 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Do you ever feel like you need a treat?  After good news, bad news, a rubbish day at work or just a day when I want to raise my mood, I feel like I need a treat.

My lovely other half has just bought me one of my favourite treat foods, because he is just awesome like that.

I was also thinking of treating myself to a new piece of jewellery. I'm thinking a pair of these red rose earrings would be lovely

They are so sweet, and the perfect size for every day wear.  They're available here for £1.99:

Thunder and lightning!

Here in the south west of England we had the most amazing thunder storms last night! I know it's broken the heat wave but it looked like a tropical storm; constant rolling thunder, sheet lightning and monsoon like rains. Now everything is fresh and cool and sweet smelling.

Fingers crossed that should mean I get a lot more of my organising done, without slumping into a heat induced siesta.  As soon as I am done the big announcement will be forthcoming! Promise!

In the meantime, my last Tuesday in my current employment.  Organisation all round as I clear my workload and desk, it feels quite cathartic.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Getting organised

Ahead of the surprise later this week, I am getting myself organised.  185 items are currently listed on the shop, which is way too many to handle!

I've therefore established a new way of keeping all the jewellery safe whilst it waits for its new home, thanks to some Really Useful Boxes and trays, a pen and plastic bags.  A far clearer way of organising things all round.

You may notice a few changes on the shop this week as I update the inventory and list all the multiple items.  Keep an open eye and keep checking back; as soon as my inventory is done there is a lovely treat for everyone coming up!!

Silver heart key earrings Alice in Wonderland

New listing! 0.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Steampunk watch part jewellery

These earrings are still one of my favourite pieces to make

Vintage watch parts are preserved in high shine, clear or coloured resin.

Resin is not fully waterproof and can be tricky to work with; ambient temperature too high and your resin won't set; too low and the resin won't mix properly.

That's why I'm always so proud when the jewellery comes out perfectly.

This style of jewellery is also available in necklace format and in this bracelet format, either as a single or double wrap bracelet

I also take custom orders and commissions, so if you like these, check out the shop at or drop me an email on

final countdown!

There's a lot happening over the next few weeks, new job, new year following my birthday, and new projects coming up on the site.

There will shortly be an announcement regarding the shop, so keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Expect to see these shortly

Black wax cord macramé bracelet with rice pearl bead

Alice in Wonderland antique silver ace of hearts card earrings steampunk

New listing! 1.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Alice in Wonderland antique silver ace of hearts card earrings steampunk

New listing! 1.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

The times, they are a-changing...

There's quite a lot going on in my life at the moment. The Rogue Jewels store is more than 4 months old; at the end of this week I leave my current employers and the longest held job I've ever had, and the week after start a job in a new firm and a new city. Oh and it's my birthday half way through all that.

Stress? Where??

In recognition of all of this, there is something very very exciting coming on Friday.  If you think you know what it is, leave a comment, or check out the store at to see if you can find a hint!

This is also the last day of the stacking rings introductory three for two offer, so get your orders in before midnight on Sunday!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Shabby chic Love tag bracelet in silver

New listing! 4.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Steampunk shabby chic hematite rice bead earrings

New listing! 1.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Steampunk shabby chic earrings with faux white pearl and hematite rice beads

New listing! 2.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Steampunk shabby chic earrings with faux white pearl rice beads

New listing! 2.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Antique silver tree of life clip on earrings steampunk kitsch

New listing! 1.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

OFFER - 24 HOURS REMAINING Stacking memory wire rings

New listing! 1.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Shabby chic Love tag necklace in silver

New listing! 4.99 GBP, by RogueJewels via Etsy

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Stacking rings offer extended

Check out for the current offer on stacking rings.

Each ring is a single slim memory wire ring in a block colour. They are designed to be stacked together or alongside other rings to build a custom look.

The rings are based on memory wire, which means they are flexible and can be adjusted to fit most ring sizes.

They are currently on a 3 for 2 offer using code: RINGS3FOR2 which means three rings for £4 plus delivery.

Currently available in a variety of colours, if you don't see your favourite colour available, just drop me a message and I will do my best to help! 

The offer is only available until the end of this week so check out your favourite colours at the link below!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Beautiful day!

It is a beautiful day out, bright sunshine and its already so warm. In concession I am wearing my own little bit of sunshine (and drinking a vanilla latte, some things never change!)

The new sunflower ring is available here:

Enjoy the beautiful weather over the next few days!!