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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Literary jewellery

This week brought a new section in my etsy shop: literary jewellery.

I loved the idea of using a snapshot of my favourite pieces in a piece of jewellery, whether that was a name, a word or a key phrase.

Currently these Anne and Gilbert earrings are listed on the shop. Any fan of Anne of Green Gables will instantly recognise the names of two favourite characters.  The names themselves are taken from the first book, and the scene when Anne breaks her slate overGilbert's head...more to follow from that section!

What do you think? What books, plays or poems would you want to see on a piece of jewellery? 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New clip on posts

Just a quick note to say I have ordered in a new set of clip on earring posts in antique bronze and silver; these should be with me before the end of the week.

These clip on posts can be difficult to get hold of, so if you, or anyone you know, would like a clip on version of any earrings listed on the shop, please let me know as soon as possible.  I'm happy to put items on one side until payday/a specified date if required!


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pearls and silver

I am still loving those pearls I bought on Friday, and have made another item to complement the earrings.  Meet the pearl and antique bronze pendant

The weather has been lovely here today, so whilst I've made a few items to show you over the next few days, I've mostly uploaded some complementary items.

I have released a full range of the silver charms in pendant form, to go with the earrings uploaded earlier this week.  My favourite has to be the angel wings; I spent ages trying different ways of displaying these wings before settling on a hand shaped wire wrapped design, see what you think here.

I've tried (yet another) new thing today, so fingers crossed it all goes well and they will be on display here soon.

In the meantime, it's bank holiday, I've finished work, excuse me whilst I open a bottle of red wine and celebrate!

Saturday, 25 May 2013


I was a little naughty yesterday. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more jewellery supplies until June.

That didn't happen!

I remembered a local shop I had looked at but never been in to, called Bamba Beads.  I visited the shop yesterday and ended up leaving with two bags of freshwater pearls!

These pearls are absolutely beautiful; each has a slightly different shape and the lustre on them is amazing. They also come in a variety of different colours.

I couldn't wait to try them out, and paired the smaller white pearls with some beautiful long antique bronze filigree bead caps I recently picked up.

The bead caps are incredibly delicate, but it allowed me to hand shape them to create a setting for the pearls. Best bit has to be that no adhesives were used, so they maintain a simplicity and movement you wouldn't otherwise have.

I'm going to be experimenting with these pearls over the next week so do check back at the shop here for more items

Friday, 24 May 2013

Five new listings and a new design

Today I posted the first of many listings to come over the next few days.  These included a number of earrings using silver charms such as these tree of life earrings

and these dinky little angel wings

These beautiful caged bird earrings were bought following my friend's recent wedding, whose theme featured bird cages.  I love the delicate filigree design and 3D appearance.

But I am most excited by the beautiful freshwater pearls I picked up today...more on those later!  If you would like a sneak peak, click here!

New Toys!

I came home yesterday to no less than 3 parcels full of jewellery supplies I had bought previously! I have been holding a few things back as I am about to try something new and want to release a whole new category of jewellery.

In the meantime I have some beautiful, and very limited, silver, bronze and gold items that will be listed on the shop shortly. I'm so excited to play with these items that I've been waiting for for quite some time, I'm not sure ill be able to hold back the listings!

To check out the new listings first go to 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Inappropriate behaviour

Forgot to add in my previous post that I am wearing these earrings today. 

I'm never quite sure if these are gothic or fun. I think fun, not sure about you though!

A couple of pairs of these earrings are style available here

However I had another request for a pair this morning, so will sell out soon.


That I haven't been updating. Really, I think this says it all...

Thanks to the ground coffee shop in Bristol for this little gem on my way in to work today! 

Thursday jewellery

Rocking this little steampunk ring today. It's one of the imperfect pieces that I've kept for myself.  It uses vintage watch pieces set on an adjustable antique bronze ring base.

What would you like to see on a ring like this, or if it's not your style, what would you wear?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I heart resin

Well the results are in, I love using resin!

My first pieces have turned out very well, all things considered.  Two larger pieces have some flaws, but that is due more to the medium I used rather than the resin.

Four smaller pieces have been produced and two are already on display in my etsy shop.

Clarity; steamunk studs consist of vintage watch parts suspended in domed clear resin in a silver plated stuff.  The silver back shows each piece to great effect and ensure you catch the light at every angle.

Clarity; steampunk drops are made in a similar vein but with a small silver plated charm attached to a silver plated earring wire.  

I think these are beautiful and yet simple, and show the detail of each component to great effect, as well as using those tiny pieces that are otherwise far too delicate for everyday use

I have also experimented with some coloured resin and will show you those results soon.

What do you think of these pieces?  If they are popular I will create further versions for the shop, although each item is unique due to the method of production.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Quick update!

I added an unexpected item this evening.

These earrings were designed for a friend, who wanted something a little lighter and delicate but still in the steampunk design.  They are assorted vintage watch parts connected without the use of solvents, and displayed on an antique brass earring wire.

The earrings move a lot, as each part is independent.  My friend bought these, but I think they will become a staple of my store, as they're a lovely way to show off such delicate and elegant working parts.

What do you think?  Simple steampunk, or do you prefer your pieces more extravagant?

Proper steampunk!

Today has been a busy day.

Over the weekend I made around 30 new pieces, which will be going up on the shop over the next week.  I've trialled a few new pieces in resin, and we shall see what the results are tomorrow.

I am however very proud of my new accomplishment.  I have begun using vintage watch parts in my jewellery and, I think, to great effect.

This piece uses vintage cogs in copper and silver attached to an antique brass chandelier earring and antique brass earring wire.  No solvents or glue is used, which means everything has movement and really catches the light.

Several other pieces are on the way, but this pair of earrings are not for sale.  They are my first use of vintage watches, using two movements and several cogs.  I should sell them, I know I should... but I think I love them too much!  These do use resin to fix the gears and cogs in place but are just amazing (sorry if I sound egocentric, but I am so chuffed with these).

I have sourced some new watch movements so these should be coming to the shop in the next couple of weeks if there is sufficient interest.

In the meantime, I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and enjoy browsing what's going on in my store!


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday downtime

Today was a relaxed day. I picked up three parcels filled with new jewellery making equipment, and my etsy shop RogueJewels should see significant expansion over the coming weeks.

Today I started making memory wire bracelets, simple delicate pieces with coloured rocailles and feature beads, with some matching earrings. I have around right bracelets, including a new charm bracelet, and five pairs of earrings. Those will go up over the next two days.

Next up some new chain necklaces to feature the pretty and varied charms I've picked up, then on to resin. I'm very excited for my plans around resin and rings, here's hoping it works.

It's been a lovely relaxing day. It's only now I've begun to realise how burnt out I've been. It's great to feel inspired and enthusiastic about what I'm creating, I only hope other people like it half as much!

Friday, 3 May 2013

New stock

This week has been an expensive one!

I've had a couple of purchases and bought in some new stock; there will shortly be new necklaces, charm bracelets and earrings on the etsy shop, but even more excitingly I will be trying four new things.

Yes four.  Do one thing at a time?  Pah!

I have new stock of rings bases and brooch bases arriving, as well as bracelet memory wire.  I have two new technical challenges in the resin jewellery kit I am trialling and the beautiful assorted watch parts (above).

I've bought 50g of assorted watch parts.  I have one watch face which will become a necklace, and two case bases that should become a beautifully detailed earrings set.  I have lots of beautiful tiny cogs, watch arms and turning ends which I plan on using in conjunction with the resin kit to make subtle, delicate earrings and pendants.

I had a little red card from the post office and cannot wait to get my hands on the stuff tomorrow.  Watch this space!

Do you like trying new things, or do you stick to a tried and tested formula.  We'll see which I stick with after this weekend....

New blog

Welcome to the RogueJewels blog.

This blog links to my etsy shop RogueJewels and is an outlet for my new ideas and items I love.  I'm relatively new to the world of jewellery making, but have an eye for detail and beautiful, whimsical and delicate pieces that nod to steampunk.  

As I explore etsy, pinterest and my own (poor) imagination to create new pieces, I'll be talking about everything that goes with it; my thoughts on  creating pieces, new techniques I've learned, new stock, or other people's pieces that I wish I'd thought of first.

I'd love for this to become a two-way street, for people to share their ideas and feelings.  

Anyway, on with the show!